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Meet our Young Leadership Team

Our Young Leadership Team (YLT) consists of a Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies.

The children are elected, after self-nomination and a speech to the whole school community, by every adult in the school and they are chosen because they consistently uphold the values of the school. They are easily identifiable as they wear their own version of our school uniform, of which their badge is an integral part.

They are asked to work on whole school projects and they have special responsibility for the Reception area of the school. They contribute to school leadership by meeting regularly with the Senior Leadership Team and by attending the Governors’ Community Committee once a term.

The children are an integral part of our celebration assemblies each week, handing out certificates and announcing and congratulating children from all year groups on their various successes.

They are also involved in the recruitment of staff, ‘meeting and greeting’ visitors to our school and being “the face” of Field End Junior School to the wider community.

Head Boy Girl(2)

Head Boy and Head Girl

Our Head Boy is Mason and our Head Girl is Jayna. They were chosen after a presentation to school, staff and governors. Both Mason and Jayna gave fantastic presentations to secure their new positions.

Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy

Our Deputy Head Girl Katie and Deputy Head Boy Edward, assist the Head Boy and Head Girl in their duties.

Deputy Head Boy Girl(2)
House and Vice Captains

House Captains and Vice Captains

We have five Houses at Field End Junior School. Sapphire AmberEmerald, Topaz and Amethyst.
Each House Captain is voted for by the members of their House group. House Captains have a very important job, they are a link between the children and the adults at school.

School Council

There is a democratically elected School Council which consists of one child from each class who have been chosen by their peers to represent the class as a whole. 

Meetings are held regularly with Mrs Thomas-Petford to discuss issues which have arisen from the class group and which affect the wider school community..

The School Council involves pupils in decisions that affect themselves, their class and their school and also helps them to gain confidence to voice their ideas and opinions. It also gives pupils responsibilities, which encourage them to become active citizens.

School Council

Playground Buddies

We have a large group of Playground Buddies who work under the direction of one of our Assistant Heads to make sure that the playground is a happy and safe place for everyone.  They are placed on a duty rota and when on duty have an important role to play – looking for children who seem to be on their own with no-one to play with, accompanying children to an adult to report and incident and keeping an eye, or sitting on, our “Buddy Bench” in order to encourage children who are not happy at playtimes to seek support.

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