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Our school target for attendance is 96.5%

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Week Commencing - 06/09/21

Lower School Upper School

3F, 4MA, 4W - 99%

6DT, 6C - 100%



Vert well done to 6DT and 6C for their 100% attendacne for the week commencing 06/09/21.

6DT and 6C will win an extra playtime. 


Class Attendance Winners by term 2020-2021

Term Lower School Winner Upper School Winner
Autumn 1 This will be completed at the end of the first half of the Autumn Terrm.  This will be completed at the end of the first half of the Autumn Terrm. 
Autumn 2    
Spring 1    
Spring 2    
Summer 1    
Summer 2    


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Please take notice of the table below which provides a good picture of how your child’s attendance equates to days, weeks and lessons missed from school.

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Weekly Class Attendance

At the end of every week the class(es) with the highest percentage attendance will be celebrated in Assembly and win a sticker to go on the Class Attendance Chart. If a class manages to achieve 100% attendance, they will win an extra playtime. 

The class(es) with the highest attendance at the end of each half term will win an extra playtime.

Individual half Termly Attendance draw

At the end of every week if you have attended school and achieved or bettered our school target of 96.5% your name will be placed into a raffle. The more weeks you manage to achieve the 96.5% attendance target the more chances you have of winning.

At the end of each term one name from the Lower School and Upper School will be drawn and you could win a lovely prize. Remember, every day matters!

The next draw will be at the end of the first half of the new Autumn Term!


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