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Here are our favourite moments of the week...
Leo Y, Aaryan & Arjan G - Kayaking was our favourite activity
Safa & Anmol - Kayaking and snorkelling because it was fun
Seth and Kishoan - Kayaking when we fell in and crate stacking when we fell off
Dhruv and Khushal - The food has been good and the rock climbing was fun
Rome - Snorkelling and kayaking because it was fun falling in the water
Khia and Briony - Snorkelling and kayaking because we like being in the water
Edee and Daisy - Kayaking because it was a laugh and you get dirty
Callum and Leo L - Kayaking because it is fun when you fall off the boat
Aaron S and Roshan - Kayaking because we liked getting wet and muddy
Lawek and Tay - Kayaking because we got to knock each other in
Tia and Katie - Kayaking because it was our first time and we saw swans and ducks
Hung and Yasin - Crate stacking because we got high like we were dangling from the sky
Isabel and Angelina - Kayaking because we all fell out of the boat
Sara and Talia - Kayaking because everyone kept falling out and it was funny
Roma and Samaa - Snorkelling because we had lots of fun and we got some free time in the pool
Isaac and Rishi - Swimming because it is my favourite and abseiling because I like climbing
Arjun N and Samuel - Kayaking and swimming because it was fun getting really wet
Levi, Ryan and Alex B - Archery and swimming because we got to shoot things and get wet
Rayyan, Aaron P and Dhiraj - Kayaking and outdoor swimming we all got to play with our friends in the water
Aaron E, Henry and Kyle - Climbing because it helped me get over my fear of heights and we like climbing
Joey, Ratnes and Neel - Kayaking because we got stuck in the reeds and had fun squelching in the mud
Morgan and Maheer - Rock climbing and kayaking because it was fun learning a new skill
Tara-Lily and Georgette - Swimming and kayaking because it was fun learning how to paddle and snorkel
Taran - Buggy building because I took the lead and found it really fun
Lucy and Niveatha - Abseiling because at first it was scary but then it was really fun
Sarina - Abseiling and snorkelling because I don’t get to do it much
Deeya and Jayna - Abseiling because it was something different that we don’t get to do often. Also buggy building because we got to work together as a team
Adshaya - Snorkelling because I tried my best
Edward and Kaspian - Kayaking was great because the instructors were good
Erblin - Abseiling because I like being off the ground
Akaash - Kayaking because it was funny when people fell off
Archie - Abseiling because it was really high 
Holly - Rocket launch because we got wet and my rocket won
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