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I have been a teacher in Hillingdon for 28 years and from my experience of this and as a Deputy Headteacher for 4 years and a Headteacher for the last 2 years, I know that a successful and happy school depends on all of us working together. 

I am aware that Field End Junior School has undergone a number of changes in the past couple of years.  My priority is to continue that journey towards our school becoming recognised for its high-quality teaching and learning and ensure that we meet the needs of all our pupils so that they are excited about being part of the school community and achieve their full potential in their time here.

As a teacher and a parent, I know how vital working in partnership with parents really is in order for children to find school a positive and rewarding experience.  I strongly believe achievement and enjoyment go hand in hand to ensure each child’s excellent progress.  I hope you will support our high expectations in all areas, especially in behaviour and achievement.

I would like to thank you personally for your continued commitment and support towards the staff and pupils of this school. I look forward to us working together in partnership to make your child’s time in Field End Junior School a happy and successful one that they will remember all their lives.

Ms A Wright

What's on this week...

Crowdfunding with Rocket Fund

Miss Colman is crowdfunding with Rocket Fund
Here at Field End Junior school we strive to give the students the best possible start in life, bringing the curriculum to life, creating a life long desire to learn and explore the world around them.
What do we want?
We want the ClassVR package as it is a whole new concept in education technology: a cost-effective Virtual and Augmented Reality system designed exclusively for the classroom. We have been looking into this for a while and the children have previously had a taster day from Google. VR allows students to experience and travel to far-flung locations around the world, under the sea, and into places they could only dream of visiting, like the surface of the moon! This in turn leads to increased writing opportunities to improve writing attainment, in line with our School Development Plan.
VR is known to improve literacy (increasing vocabulary as children are encouraged to describe what they see), place learning in context, support additional needs and improve retention and engagement across all ages.
For more information, visit the ClassVR website here: http://www.classvr.com/
Who is this for?
This is for our whole school, to use across a range of subjects, including English, Science and especially through themes where children can experience their topic, through a new and exciting media.
Why do we want it?
Virtual reality will allow our students to visualise their History and Geography lessons more clearly and allow them to interact with the subject matter in a totally new way. With total immersion into a subject, children will be inspired to ask questions and explore subjects with deeper understanding and greater enthusiasm.
We have a very focused and large group of digital leaders who take charge of delivering computing and supporting the learning of the lower years on a regular basis along with an active Code-club which we would like to use to filter the learning around the school.
We want to truly embed virtual reality across our curriculum as we know the benefits for our children's motivation, enthusiasm for learning, creative writing and unattainable experiences will be exponential. Not to mention how FUN they are!
Miss Colman, our school lead for Computing, says: "We have used the trial VR day to immerse the children in a new world, allowing them to see and experience things they might not understand or be able to grasp. For example, our topic has been the rainforest in year 4, which the majority of our children have and will never get a chance to visit and experience in real life. By submerging them in a virtual 3D world they can gain vital experiences and exposure to sights, sounds and reality that were previously unavailable and unknown to them. Many of our children do not have life experiences that enable them to gain the vocabulary and lessons in order to learn effectively. The VR headsets allow us as educators to provide children with some of these missing life experiences".
ClassVR Classroom set of 8 - £1,999
ClassVR Recurring Portal Licence - Provided free because we are members of LGFL
ClassVR Remote Set-Up and Training - Provided free because we are members of LGFL
Delivery - £15
VAT Standard Rate (20%) - 402.80
Sub total = £2416.80
+3% payment processing fees (charged by the payment provider)
Grand Total = £2,490.00
Please do donate, but if you can't donate right now you can help us in other ways! Share this project with anyone you think would support us. Share the link at the top of the page on Twitter, Facebook, email, your website, blog, mention us in a phone call or even just a chat over the fence! Please support us and help make a difference to our students.

Click here to see our funding video and make a donation.


What did we do this week...

Good luck to our Gardening Club for their entry to the Hillingdon in Bloom competition.  If you would like to support the children then please go to Manor Farm in Ruislip tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 21st September, to see their entry. 

Social Media

Sadly social media websites are being used increasingly to fuel campaigns and complaints against schools, Headteachers, school staff, and in some case other parents and pupils. 

Field End Junior School considers the use of social media websites being used in this way as unacceptable and not in the best interests of the children or the whole school community.  Any concerns you may have must be made through our complaints procedure.  In the event that any pupil or parent/carer of a child being educated at our school is found to be posting defamatory, offensive or otherwise inappropriate comments on Facebook, WhatsApp or other social network sites, they will be reported to the appropriate 'report abuse' section of the network site.

All social network sites have clear rules about the content, which can be posted on the site, and they provide robust mechanisms to report contact or activity that breaches this.  The school will also expect that any parent/carer or pupil remove such comments immediately.  In serious cases, where defamatory, offensive or otherwise inappropriate comments are made which cause damage to or put at risk pupils, staff or the school, the school will also consider its legal options to deal this.  Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, is the issue of cyber bullying and the use by any member of the school community to publicly humiliate another by inappropriate social network entry.  We will take and deal with this as a serious incident of school bullying and take whatever action necessary.

National Teaching Assistants’ Day

This week we celebrated the work that our fantastic team of support staff do to help our pupils and their families.  Beside every good teacher is a great Teaching Assistant.



We were fortunate to have His Worshipful The Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor David Yarrow and the Mayoress Mary O’Connor to open our new Library Bus on Thursday 11th July.  We were also joined by local ward Councillors, Teji Barnes and Eddie Lavery who secured funding for our bus.  Author Jackie Marchant gave an assembly and explained how she became an author and how she thought up the stories.  The children had lots of questions for Jackie and bought lots of Dougal Daley books to read over the summer.

Headteacher's Special Mention

Tara-Lily in Year 6 wrote this wonderful article about our school during an English lesson on writing an information leaflet.  Here is an excerpt from her work;

"Field End Junior School - FEJS - is an amazing school because we have become an incredibly large family.  When you're here, you will feel like you can do anything and at the end of this school you will have many, many memories.  The teachers here will help you if you have a problem or need help with your work.  This positive learning experience will give you an enormous boost for when you leave for high school.

Everyone loves the learning we fo at this school because our teachers take their time to make our lessons fun by challenging us. Our school motto is; Together we nurture dreams, inspire minds and build futures.

Our environment outside is great, surrounding our cycle track we have many different types of trees, approx. 20+. FEJS have many items to play with; which are sporty."

HEadteacher certificates

Congratulations to the following children, this week's certificates go to:

Jessica  4I  -  continuing her maths investigations at home          Nayan 3J - an amazing power project          Sai 3J - writing a diary entry at home

OUr School App

Download our school app!
If you have a smartphone you can download OurSchoolsApp for FREE. It is a personalised app for our school and will allow us to keep you all updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information. It provides you access to school information at the touch of a button.
Please click one of the links below, depending on what type of phone you have, to download the app.

  • Using your device (iPad, iPhone, smart pad, tablet or android phone), visit the relevant marketplace for your product (Apple Store or Google Play).
  • Search for ‘OurSchoolsApp’ and download the app.
  • Once downloaded, us the search bar within the app and enter the postcode or the name of the school.
  • Hit the search button.
  • Once you see the school name displayed, just touch the screen on the school name.
  • Confirm your choice by pressing ‘OK’.
  • You will now be presented with the correct app for your chosen school which contains news, information, calendar events, contacts and any other relevant details.

Class Dojo

This year we are using a new positive reward system called Class Dojo.  It encourages important skills such as helping others, persistence and participation and is a fantastic way to regularly see how your child is getting on at school.  Your child will receive a ‘Dojo point’ for positive behaviour in the classroom.  These are all distributed online on the Class Dojo class page.  When you download the app and sign up as a parent, you will be notified when your child receives a point and will be able to see why they got it.  At the end of each half term, the dojo points will be totalled up and the child in the class with the most points will receive a reward.  The points will then be reset ready for the next half term.

It would be great if all families could sign up to this new reward and communication system.  You can use it on any device: it is a simple, free mobile app for iOS and Android and can also be used from a computer at www.classdojo.com.  Just download the App, join up, then search for our school and your child’s class to connect.



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