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I have been a teacher in Hillingdon for 28 years and from my experience of this and as a Deputy Headteacher for 4 years and a Headteacher for the last 2 years, I know that a successful and happy school depends on all of us working together. 

I am aware that Field End Junior School has undergone a number of changes in the past couple of years.  My priority is to continue that journey towards our school becoming recognised for its high-quality teaching and learning and ensure that we meet the needs of all our pupils so that they are excited about being part of the school community and achieve their full potential in their time here.

As a teacher and a parent, I know how vital working in partnership with parents really is in order for children to find school a positive and rewarding experience.  I strongly believe achievement and enjoyment go hand in hand to ensure each child’s excellent progress.  I hope you will support our high expectations in all areas, especially in behaviour and achievement.

I would like to thank you personally for your continued commitment and support towards the staff and pupils of this school. I look forward to us working together in partnership to make your child’s time in Field End Junior School a happy and successful one that they will remember all their lives.

Ms A Wright

What's on this week...

What did we do this week...

I have been thrilled to see some of the children’s POWer Projects this week.  I have many conversations with parents about homework ranging from concerns that we are setting too little to similar concerns over the school setting too much homework.

Currently we ask that children read every day, practice their spellings and challenge themselves on Times Tables Rockstars.  Regular practice at these activities reinforces the skills they need to succeed in reading, writing and maths. 

Research through the EEF and other educational organisations shows that the benefits of schools giving other homework is limited.  Countries such as Finland set very little homework for their pupils but focus on the skills needed for future employment such as research skills, independent learning, organisation of work and the ability to gather information from lots of different sources.  Our POWer Projects are an opportunity to develop these skills.  It has been really exciting to see the amazing work that the children have produced and see the enthusiasm they have when they talk about what they have learnt.

As part of making the Library Bus a wonderful resource for the children we are asking for donations of books to ensure that our shelves are fully stocked.  There are two ways to do this:

  • If anyone has any books that are in good condition that their children don’t want anymore could you please donate them to the school.
  • If you would like to donate £5 to the school to enable us to buy a new book for the shelves we will ensure that your child’s name is on a bookplate in the front of the book as a thank you.  Please donate via ParentPay or in a sealed envelope with your child’s name clearly marked.

Headteacher's Special Mention

Well done 6C who are the recipients of this half term’s Exemplary Behaviour Award.  They received the award for their good behaviour as they walk around the school and the SMSAs have remarked upon their excellent behaviour at lunchtime.  As a reward 6C and Mr Cayton were treated to hot chocolate and biscuits today.  


HEadteacher certificates

Congratulations to the following children, this week's certificates go to:

Sasha in 5A - POWer project          Kyla in 5P - recount          Ibrahim in 5P - handwriting        Aammar in 5P - handwriting          Pranay in 5P - Jewish mezuzah

Emily J, Matilda, Louis and India in 3MG - watercolour painting

OUr School App

Download our school app!
If you have a smartphone you can download OurSchoolsApp for FREE. It is a personalised app for our school and will allow us to keep you all updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information. It provides you access to school information at the touch of a button.
Please click one of the links below, depending on what type of phone you have, to download the app.

  • Using your device (iPad, iPhone, smart pad, tablet or android phone), visit the relevant marketplace for your product (Apple Store or Google Play).
  • Search for ‘OurSchoolsApp’ and download the app.
  • Once downloaded, us the search bar within the app and enter the postcode or the name of the school.
  • Hit the search button.
  • Once you see the school name displayed, just touch the screen on the school name.
  • Confirm your choice by pressing ‘OK’.
  • You will now be presented with the correct app for your chosen school which contains news, information, calendar events, contacts and any other relevant details.

Class Dojo

This year we are using a new positive reward system called Class Dojo.  It encourages important skills such as helping others, persistence and participation and is a fantastic way to regularly see how your child is getting on at school.  Your child will receive a ‘Dojo point’ for positive behaviour in the classroom.  These are all distributed online on the Class Dojo class page.  When you download the app and sign up as a parent, you will be notified when your child receives a point and will be able to see why they got it.  At the end of each half term, the dojo points will be totalled up and the child in the class with the most points will receive a reward.  The points will then be reset ready for the next half term.

It would be great if all families could sign up to this new reward and communication system.  You can use it on any device: it is a simple, free mobile app for iOS and Android and can also be used from a computer at www.classdojo.com.  Just download the App, join up, then search for our school and your child’s class to connect.



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Class Dojo

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