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Art at Field End Junior School


Our aim is for all children to become mastery learners, confident orators, active learners and lifelong readers.

In art, this means that all children are engaged and inspired by a well-designed and sequential curriculum. Throughout KS2, children will become mastery learners as they learn key skills, building upon each year, to take forward and consolidate in-line with our connected curriculum across other subjects.  This will enable them to reflect on their personal skills to become confident artists and active learners.  

All children will have the opportunity to see real, inspirational Art, analyse and critique with their appreciation, reasoning and opinions. 

Children learn that art is a universal language and are equipped to be imaginative, creative whilst taking risks. Through collaborative learning, each child will become confident orators as they discuss the styles of artists they have studied with their peers. 



The teaching and implementation of the Art curriculum at Field End Junior School is based on the National Curriculum and supported by a creative and well-structured approach. 

Children develop artistic skills each year recalling their prior knowledge and building upon their skills learnt in years prior. 

Throughout the year, children will cover the 5 domains which consist of painting, sketching, 3D modelling, printing and textiles/collaging. Through differing media, we encourage pupils to develop their creativity and imagination through using an assortment of skills and techniques and by using a variety of materials and tools. The school utilises Kapow as an additional teaching resource, which allows children to watch informative videos to deepen their progressive artistic skill set. 

In addition, every year children will look at 3 different artists, craft makers and designers and learn the historical and cultural development of their art forms. Through observing and appreciating a variety of artists' work from all cultures, we encourage children to be inspired and take influence from different art forms and become artists in their own right. 



Children develop a range of skills to be able to produce their own work across a range of styles.

Children will develop their own artistic style.

Children will have a developing knowledge of a range of artists, their style and works and will be able to give their own views on that style.

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