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Behaviour at Field End Junior School - Aim high!

At Field End Junior School we believe that good behaviour is key to a good education. We work to create a learning environment where everyone feels motivated to learn, valued and secure. We believe all members of our school community have a responsibility to teach the children socially acceptable behaviour. Our three school rules of be ready, be respectful and be responsible instil desired positive behaviour.

Our school is a friendly and supportive community in which the children are encouraged to use their initiative, to develop self-confidence, to be aware of their strengths and to use them positively. 

We strive to achieve high standards throughout every aspect of school life and have high expectations of every child including behaviour in and out of the classroom.  Positive expectations, praise and reward are the key to successful behaviour.  Pupils need to know how to make good choices.  They need to receive consistent positive encouragement as means of motivation.  They need to be taught to manage their own behaviour. 


We understand the importance of praising positive behaviour and the following rewards reinforce this ethos in our school:

  • Class dojos are used throughout the day by all members of staff to reward children and parents receive instant notification of these
  • Celebration Assemblies are held once a week celebrating individual achievement in and out of school
  • Hot Choc Fridays happen weekly and recognise those children who have consistently followed the school rules and values
  • Headteacher's Awards are given to children who challenge themselves in lessons. 
  • Positive Marking Policy celebrates success through coloured stamps and highlighting.


There is a clear process of sanctions that is understood by all staff, parents and pupils and which is consistently applied by all adults.

In order to achieve this we expect high standards of behaviour, and have created an environment for learning. We believe that every child has unique talents, which may take many different forms, but are equally valued and encouraged.

  • Learning – we put learning first, everyone can learn something valuable

  • Challenge – it’s important to have the right degree of challenge so that we can learn effectively and push ourselves to reach our full potential

  • Resilience – learning and life can be messy and do not always go to plan, so building resilience is necessary to get through the difficult times

  • Support – it’s OK to ask for help, we all need support from someone at some time, and we can’t always do things on our own

  • Enjoyment – wherever possible, find enjoyment in the task at hand our 4 rights

Class of the week - Aim high!

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Each week the Class Teachers can sign their class up for ‘Class of the Week.’ There are four key areas:

  • Good class behaviour all week
  • Good lining up all week
  • Tidy classroom
  • Tidy cloakroom

In order to be signed up for the maximum four signings, the class needs to aim high and show that they have followed the three school rules of, be ready, be respectful and be responsible.

The classes with the most sign-ups for that week will win a stick to go on the ‘Class of the Week’ chart. At the end of each half term, the class / classes with the most wins will win an extra playtime and a tuck shop voucher.


The winning class(es) with the most sign-ups for the weeking beginning 24/02/20 


Lower School Upper School
3A, 3M - 4x sign-ups

5O - 4 x sign-ups

4D 4x sign-ups 6C - 4 x sign-ups



Class of the week Termly Winners - Aim high!


Term  Lower School Winners Upper School Winners
Autumn 1 3M, 4W - 3 wins 6C - 4 winS
Autumn 2 3A, 3M, 4W - 4 wins 5C, 6C - 4 wins
Spring 1 4W - 5 wins  5O - 5 wins
Spring 2 N/A due to school being closed N/A due to school being closed
Summer 1    
Summer 2    


Well done to 4W and 5O for the most wins during Spring Term 1.

Each class will win a voucher to use at the Tuck Shop!

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