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Physical Education at Field End Junior School

Our aim is for all children to become mastery learners, confident orators, active learners and lifelong readers.
In physical education this means that we have designed for our curriculum to extend well beyond the physical. By engaging the children in a well-designed, sequential curriculum, we enable them to become mastery learners and instil confidence in them to master fundamental movement skills and excel in a broad range of physical activities. Our extra-curricular enrichment programme has been designed to offer our children the opportunity to gain new experiences and engage in physical activities such as martial arts and dodgeball. These range of activities also encourage children to become active learners with collaborative learning and team spirit at the heart.
We intend to build resilience, integrity and the values of fair play through active engagement in competitive, school, borough and district-wide sports events.
Our children are taught the value of movement and physical activity in supporting mental, physical and social wellbeing throughout school and their later lives and we place a high value on the importance of physical literacy.
We aim for our children to be confident in communicating their thoughts on performance, technique and the effects of physical activity on their bodies (confident orators)  PE is highly valued as part of our rich curriculum and supports children to acquire the knowledge, attitudes and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
Our PE curriculum is delivered through quality-first teaching. Where areas of development have been identified, the utilisation of professional coaches to provide continued professional development to our teaching staff ensures that each child in our school receives high quality Physical Education instruction throughout the year.
Our PE curriculum planning is informed by, and aligned with, the national curriculum and staff are equipped with plans and resources produced by the GetSet4PE scheme of work.
The lessons are carefully structured so that skills are taught sequentially and there is time allotted in each session to revisit prior learning. The plans are adapted by teachers to suit the needs of our learners so that all children, regardless of background, ability or additional needs, is able to participate in physical activity and gain valuable, positive early experiences in sport.
Our curriculum mapping ensures all areas of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for Physical Education are met. Children receive swimming instruction in Year 4 and PE lessons are structured so that each child receives quality teaching in at least nine different physical activities and sports throughout an academic year. The year 6 residential provides the children with the opportunity to experience adventurous activities.
Children develop the skills to take part in team and individual activities.
Children demonstrate a positive attitude to PE and sport.
Children develop their understanding of the link between physical activity and positive mental health and so engage in a range of activities both in and outside school.
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